January 2018 - The Handy Guy

5 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Front Door Repair

Front door is the prime thing that is the first impression of aspect that represent your house to your friends and guests. So, you need to keep your front door well and perfect where regular repair after every 1 year … Continue reading

Give your kitchen a new look with a beautiful tile backsplash!

Looking for a simple kitchen upgrade?  A tile back splash can create a whole new look!  You can choose from  endless  choices as glass tile, ceramic tile, marble, brick and more!  A backsplash is fairly simple to do, any tile … Continue reading

Got a running toilet? Save money by rebuilding it!

Do you need a new toilet?  Maybe not!  A running toilet will waste more water than you can imagine and can run your water bill up very quickly!   While replacing a toilet can get expensive, re building one is an … Continue reading

Hanging a Heavy Mirror

Mirrors can add beauty and style to any room!  Large mirrors can sometimes be quite heavy. This is when proper installation is important. Whenever possible, it is recommended to hang large mirrors on studs. However, studs are not always where … Continue reading

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