40 Bedroom Ideas to make you feel at home

40 Bedroom Ideas to make you feel at home

Getting a fresh design for your bedroom is an important part for getting the most comfort out of your space. Here are 40 different stand-out bedroom ideas that will help fit personality and make you feel at home in your bedroom.

Lets start out with this design. This is for the simplistic person that prefers functionality over aesthetics.  The extra out-of-the-way storage and drop-down pen lights help keep you organized with low-maintenance.

Wood floors help your bedroom take on that natural ambiance. Choosing lighter colors to accent the wood make your bedroom feel larger.

One of my personal favorites. Featuring a sued bed frame, concrete floors, this one-of-a-kind bedroom is very easy to clean and maintain.

Country style bedrooms are a great way to spice up your home. This features distressed boards that line the ceiling, and a distressed furniture to go with it. Best part is, the more you beat up your furniture, the better it looks.

Spindle beds are a vintage style that is durable, and has stood the test of time. This contemporary style goes great with a bookshelf and some knick-knacks to make it pop!

A curved bed is for someone who likes to have an abstract room that’s full of creativity. It’s very important to compliment an abstract piece with neutral designs that flow.

Here’s a luxurious bed that gives the sensation of living in a highrise hotel room. The decorative fabric-covered headboard and railing makes this bedroom soft to the touch and the wall-high curtains give those ultra-dark nights and help you sleep through the night.

Great bedroom look for someone who’s going for a modern clean and edgy style.

This mid-century modern bed is perfect for someone who packs light and likes a minimal design.

Bringing contrast into your room with this black design provides a bold feature that is a sure way to get a good first impression.

A wooden bedroom design is a sure pleasure for a modern enthusiast. This black design absorbs the reflective light, which can make it seem smaller. However, the trade-off is the great nights sleep your going to get with it’s low-light output.

A taste of elegance and prestige. This bed has a wall storage area built around it to help decrease clutter, but it’s the way it is done that makes it a one-of-a-kind piece. Being enclosed in the shelving gives the bed a built-in hotel style feel.

Going with blues and greens in a bedroom can help to decrease stress by bringing in nature-occurring harmonious tones. The wood furniture is a sure way to go with this theme.

Not quite as mellow as the last one, but this is for that fun person who wants excitement every time they wake up. For the one who is passionate and creative, and knows how to bring it together.

Definitely a unique bedroom, this goes for more of a country westerner style, and just a touch of gold as the cherry on top.

Truly an outstanding combination with beach-color blue meshing with natural wood and a plant to lighten the mood. Studies have shown that having plants in your home can act as a natural stress reliever.

Something you would expect in a Manhattan high-rise. This dark lavish style consumes the room and and over the course of laying down, might go as far as giving the illusion of floating if it’s dark enough.

Modern all the way, this bed features a minimal yet durable design for someone who likes a very functional bedroom.

A quality platform bed is one you could spend all day on. A fabric frame wrapped around a comfy mattress with the convenience of a ledge to put your stuff. What more could you want?

A canopy style bed in a Nantucket style bedroom will surely put out the mellow vibes and make you feel like like you’re at the beach. A little sand and you’re set!

This bedroom set was a fantastic design from Jonathan Adler. The comforting blue combined with a luscious gold accent makes this a true masterpiece.

What a cool idea for an attic space. Stained wood beams are a grand measure that really helps get that wow-effect.

This is an easy to obtain, mid-century modern type of mood that carries the luxury of shag carpet to make it complete.

The pinnacle of natural modern, this style of bed was originally brought on by the pallet style decor. This is one of the more quality designs with seamless wood and the illusion of floating wood slats to give a sensual explosion. This is a nature lovers dream decor.

This is a timeless design that you might expect to see in an awesome movie like Pulp Fiction. The ambiance of discontinued vertical wood slats, the highlights of hidden lighting, and the pop of the orange bed centerpiece is what makes this bedroom come to life.

A unique built in platform and canopy for your bed. This is something that strikes elegance, but it requires a bit of engineering to successfully pull this off.

Nice contemporary minimalist design with a neutral color scheme.

Going with mellow blues and tans is a great way to make your room have that mellow feeling for that relaxation. This tufted bed is about as comfortable as it gets.

An abstract modern design goes a long way with its simplistic expression and the presence of high contrast art finished off with storage shelving overhead.

A canopy bed with a trendy ceiling fan carries a spectacle in design and helps cool off those summers. The brick behind the bed is highly unique to make this bedroom stand out.

Canopy beds are an exquisite way to brighten up your bedroom. Properly decorated with wooden walls and gray furniture to complement this contemporary beauty.

If your going for a builtin bed type of feel, this is the bedroom for you.

The contrast on this bedroom provides dignity and grace with just a taste gold. To top it off, you have stained wood ceiling which truly encompasses this refined style.

About as simple as it gets, just a little bit of storage for books, this would be great for an avid reader.

Take a ride into nature with a laid back tone that this bedroom provides. Nature on the walls and the lightweight bed provide good comfort.

The most unique upholstered bed I’ve ever seen. This takes a spin of finesse by showcasing a brick-like layout but instead of rough stone, you have something that is more soft to the touch.

The four corners on this bed make for a bold entrance.

This modern and trendy style does an excellent job at bringing together the comfort of wood, the ruggedness of brick, and the sleek sheen of metal to brighten your room in an industrial fashion.

Pulling elegance from minimal design and intriguing art, this design combines an industrial tone with neutral colors that come together and shine.

Platform beds are a great minimalist design. They work great with abstract artwork that helps build depth in the room.

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