40 Kitchen Ideas that Glisten!

40 Kitchen Ideas that Glisten!

A well set up and properly decorated kitchen can become a centerpiece in your home. Aside the many utilities, a kitchen is what brings everyone together and makes your house into a home. Here are a handful of different styles and layouts that can help you in your venture of personalizing your kitchen.

This modern design provides a new updated, crisp feeling that is sure to impress. Nothing makes a statement quite like glossy white cabinets against stainless steel appliances.

Dark cabinets carry the functionality of being low maintenance and seemingly always looking good. They’re great at hiding finger prints and when you add in stainless steel, it makes it shine.

For the modern minimalist, this design carries the simplicity in only providing the bare essentials for the kitchen. A design like this makes cleanup a breeze because there are’nt a lot of small crevices and everything can be easily wiped down.

Contemporary styles are getting very popular because they provide a warm feeling. While being very close to modern, they tend to bring in more elements such as steel, stone, and wooden decor.

A minimalist design at its finest, this structured organization of the kitchen gives everything its own special place. This is great for someone who doesn’t like to lose things and tends to be a very efficient layout. The glossy white counters add to the benefit by being more resistance to stains.

Nothing makes you feel more at home than adding a little bit of color to your walls. This modern layout has just enough storage to complete the job while having that clean inviting feel. Perfect look for a home with a view, or a beach house.

This trendy modern beachhouse theme uses a bright neon green color scheme that helps build excitement every time you walk in. This isn’t the decor for the faint of heart, but personally, I would totally go for it.

Definitely a very hard color set up to conquer, this tri-color paint job if done properly can make a kitchen stand out like no other. Updated with all the modern stainless steel appliances, this kitchen is a fantastic decoration that makes it home.

If you’re looking for that edgy and cool kitchen layout, this modern design nails it. It comes with a useful functionality of using darker colors for the heavy traffic areas followed by lighter colors which help brighten everything. The glass style range hood is pretty cool too.

This is will will you yeah kinda I go through 40 images I make 40 excerpts I do 40 interest posts and I do one blog page and disposed it up with that one page entitled them 40 different blog pages to you modern kitchen has high attention to detail in the cabinets that are sure to catch your eye. The thick wood grain coupled with the edgy stainless handles helps it maintain a warm crisp feel with just a touch of greenery for that natural decor.

A bright, well lit kitchen such as this adds on as a decoration to your home. A lot of planning went into properly designing this kitchen. Painting the island a dark color makes it seem smaller and less of an obstacle, while brightening up the kitchen cabinets with a light green color achieves the feeling of a larger room if done properly. Nothing better to finish it off than complementing the cabinets with this sharp looking orange flooring.

This french style contempory kitchen takes things to the next level. It starts with bright white cabinets to help open up the room. This cabinet style is gaining traction because it’s a reasonably priced solution to updating your current outdated cabinets. I personally like having a dark colored island because it concentrates your focus on the beauty of the the cabinetry. Our

A stone wall is an excellent idea if you’re going for an old-school Brooklyn type of feel. It really takes that contemporary to a new level if you can match it with adequate wood and stainless to get diversity through multiple elements.

Treading on the edge of contemporary and minimalism, this style is one of low maintenance and of the utmost in prestige. This is something that you would expect to find in a high-rise hotel in Manhattan.

When you’re going for that industrial type look, you have to do it right with galvanized steel hydraulic cabinets. This minimal type of style is great when you have a view because everything is made out of the way.

Cape Cod kitchens have always been my favorite, there bright, inviting, and a great way to polish out your home. The pinnacle of a working Cape Cod layout is the dark flooring the complements the white cabinets. The marble countertops tend to look more elegant when there lighter color in this decor.

Nothing displays elegance quite like out of the ordinary in this burned stained wood theme. This kitchen emphasizes on the glossy ebony tones that help bring out the fine grain in the burnt wood cabinets. This high level gloss is not the cheapest style, but it gives that surreal, abstract, nature type of feel.

I kitchen with dark cabinets helps bring forth the beauty of your light flooring. A kitchen needs contrast and physique to achieve harmony in this modern style. When you mix wood, stone, and the bright sheen of stainless steel, it helps achieve the diversity that makes this style pop!

This is a beautiful kitchen design with a granite slab that is sure to amaze. A kitchen like this gives off a Cape Cod type of ambiance, and the best part is it has two sinks so your kids can do dishes with you.

Brick walls are something that is growing in popularity, you might expect to find it and a California beach home or a hotel suite. In a design like this, it’s crucial to have accent lighting to help highlight and build character in the bricks. They typically look better with the light cabinets, but if done properly, dark cabinets can be used.

Wood style floor tiles are a great alternative to standard wood planks because of their durability and low maintenance upkeep. Bring in the custom subzero fridge and some tall grand cabinets and you get the beauty of this magnificent kitchen.

A kitchen with adequate lighting is crucial to any dark colors. When you carefully space recessed lights to optimize the luminescence of your kitchen, it starts to become hypnagogic as nature fills the atmosphere of this peaceful area.

Wood walls have been around for a long time, but they really started getting popular through the show flipping Vegas with Scott and Amy. Adding them to your kitchen instills an abstract component to any room because they’re far from ordinary.

If you’re looking for a design that shows character and personality, there’s no better way to show it than a bright color like red as a backsplash to your countertop. Something like this would be great for a college dorm, or just an all-around fun person.

Going with the white kitchen design such as this is an excellent way to give the illusion of a larger space. If you have a smaller kitchen and you’re looking to maximize your space, this is the layout you need.

For someone who wants that bold entryway to the cooking environment, this is the aggressive style you need. All the dishes readily on display, no more shuffling through cabinets to find what you need. This minimalist design carries the bear functionalities of the common kitchen.

A bright orange kitchen is probably the thing you would least expect to see, but it’s awesome! It’s for the type of person who has no boundaries, and want something to become a centerpiece for their home. Definitely the type of abstract decoration I would bring to my home.

Black cabinets are pretty unique, it’s something that might catch you off guard, but the functionality is great. No more finger marks!

What a beautiful Cape Cod style old world kitchen. It’s not every day you run into stained wood beams on the ceiling. Couple that with monotone wood flooring to emphasize the wooden beams, and you have a kitchen that lights up the room.

This kitchen takes on a very coastal feel, but the main decoration is the pendant lights with distinct geometric ambiance that catches your eye. The stained wood beams help make this layout truly majestic. The call

This is a very outlandish wall style that you might expect expect in a Bel Air or Hollywood mansion called Venetian plaster. It’s something that an expert painter would be able to do, but something to be considered an art.

Adding champagne pendant lights is a clean way to polish out your kitchen. There are probably one of the most universal light fixtures that is bound to fit within any style. This contemporary kitchen is especially unique because of the see-through backsplash under the countertops which helps provide a spacious atmosphere.

A contemporary industrial style kitchen is a great addition to a comfortable lifestyle. This specific design is roo friendly and works great with all orders automated vacuum cleaners.

A blue backsplash coupled with a natural wood slab for a countertop is a different design that helps distinguish your kitchen from others.

This bizarre kitchen is sure to catch your attention from its minimalist modern roots and decor. It has all the functionalities you need including hidden storage, space saving stovetop, and storage for your dishes.

Blue and natural wood is a one-of-a-kind color scheme to make it personal to you.

If you’re going for an abstract minimal modern design, this is the design for you.

This eccentric modern kitchen has a touch of Indonesia design while keeping a minimalist structure about it. Great for someone who likes to keep it simple.

Wood walls supply the foundation for a transient nature domain. This would be great for an upscale cabin like home, it would help make an easy transition to the outside.

A fun quirky design like this deserves a hoorah. The intricate designs of tiles helps build character and depth while the blue brings about peace and harmony with a touch of wood for that piece full nature ambiance. It’s

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