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7 Most Popular Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets For 2021

7 Most Popular Farmhouse Kitchen Faucets For 2021

Kitchen renovations are always so very exciting, as there are a lot of different farmhouse kitchen ideas floating around! After all, it is usually one of the most used spaces in your home. It’s easy to overlook things like the hardware when it comes to designing your dream farmhouse kitchen. However, even minor design decisions can have a significant impact on the overall look, which is why it’s critical to select a kitchen faucet that’s perfect for your space.

It’s easier said than done, though, because there are hundreds of kitchen faucets available today, including pull-down and pull-out styles, single and dual handle options, touchless faucets, and more. While shopping, you’ll need to know how many holes are compatible with your sink design and what faucet height is right for your farmhouse sink.

To help you choose the right faucet for your kitchen, we’ve compiled a list of farmhouse kitchen faucets. Based on different tastes and preferences, you’re sure to find one that is just the right fit for you and your kitchen.




  1. BioBidet Flow Pull-Down Sprayer Faucet With Motion Sensor

Do you always have to wipe down the faucet after using unclean hands to turn it on? This is a typical concern among homeowners, which is why touchless kitchen faucets have grown in popularity in recent years. If you’re looking for a motion-activated faucet, the Flow Single-Handle Pull-Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet is one of the best options.


       2. Ashford Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Faucet Pull Down Sprayer – Brushed Nickel

This faucet is made of high-quality metals and has a lovely finish. Being scratch and corrosion resistance are also advantages. It has a one-of-a-kind pull-down nozzle. This makes cleaning a snap, and you’ll appreciate being able to do even the most difficult tasks with ease. The faucet features clean lines that give your kitchen a sleek, farmhouse style, making it both functional and attractive.

Its 360-degree swivel provides drip-free performance. As a result, this faucet is not only practical, but also attractive and long-lasting, and will be able to withstand repeated usage for many years.



  1. Ashford Stainless steel Kitchen Sink Faucet Single Handle Hole Pull Down Sprayer w/Deck Plate

Who said that style and elegance had to be left at the door when you’re cooking up some bacon for breakfast? This Ashford stainless steel kitchen faucet offers farmhouse-style, elegant faucets in matte black or brushed nickel. With its 360 degree swivel spout, it comes with two pipes giving both hot and cold water . The powerful pull down sprayer disperses water without much effort. It doesn’t matter if you want to lighten up your morning coffee or wash those dishes from last night’s dinner party – to enhance the overall look of your farmhouse style kitchen while getting a highly functional kitchen faucet, this is an excellent choice. 


4. Ashford LED Kitchen Farmhouse Sink Faucet Pulldown Sprayer Swivel- Black and Gold

Ashford is a brand that uses innovation and originality in their designs, and as a result, they’re making great strides in the quest for the finest faucet for kitchen farmhouse sink.

This features a long-lasting black and gold finish that resists corrosion and tarnishing. It also boasts a ceramic disc designer faucet, which provides a smooth stream or spray of water while being drip-free.

Hot and cold water, with two water supply lines.  It also provides improved clearance for your sink and to be capable of getting the job done which makes it the perfect farmhouse sink faucet.


  1. Antique Brass Kitchen Faucet Swivel & Pull Down Spout 

Craftsmanship and beauty teamed together to create this aged brass kitchen faucet with a single side handle. That high arc spout is made of refined brass casting with an antique brass finish that looks like it’s been collected from the ground, picked up off an old dusty shelf, or combed through abandoned markets of yesteryear. As for that chic design on the single side handle? It’s got a short tail-like appearance giving you plenty of space for perfect washing without scrunching your knuckles and the perfect focal point to tie up your farmhouse kitchen design.

6. Ashford Avalon Premiere Kitchen Faucet

Black faucets are always chic! With a modern and timeless style this faucet will look great in your farmhouse kitchen. This black-colored beauty was made to include a single handle that is durable and smooth enough for any cook to use. In addition, the faucet will compliment any décor you have, giving your farmhouse that one-of-a-kind touch it deserves.


7. Ashford Deck Mount Antique Brass Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

A classic style that’ll blend seamlessly into any farmhouse kitchen design. The beautiful aged bronze of this Ashford Kitchen Faucet is bold, solid and timeless. Whether you’re dreaming of an idyllic country farmhouse kitchen or just want to maintain the traditional touch of your home without sacrificing modern functionality, this faucet accomplishes both effortlessly. An easy-to-reach handle makes it easy to control the flow on demand while the side sprayer provides even more cleanup ease for your cooking adventures.




I hope this post has given you an idea of what you want or what you’re looking for in a farmhouse faucet. And if you’ve made your choice from the ones listed above or not, I do hope you enjoy both the convenience, look, and functionality a new faucet brings.




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