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Whether you are planning to build your new home or renovating the old one, it is essential that each and every aspect needs to be chosen prominently that is responsible for a beautiful and attractive house. The interior look of your house matters. Be it bedroom, closet, or bathroom doors. The HandyGuy provides you enormous styles of doors so that you can choose your favorite one.

Interior design of your house plays an important role in order to set a status amongst guests, friends and society wherein interior doors are major aspects to look after. Styling your house with best interior door styles will not only give a overall gorgeous look but also make you happy whenever you come across. Continue reading →

A good functioning heating system is important for safety, efficiency, and comfort of your home. It’s not cool going without hot water especially in winters. An electric water heater should last good 8 to 10 years before it needs replacement. Through, regular hot water heater repair, you can save money, time and energy by avoiding common causes of water heater problems.

A water heater can cause many problems ranging from leaks, noise, odors to lack of hot water. No matter what the reason, if you experience any water heater deterioration, you need to contact water heater repair expert as soon as possible. Fortunately, the skilled team at The Handy Guy will provide repairs on your hot water heater in California. Calling for hot water heater repair can provide the following benefits. Continue reading →

Front door is the prime thing that is the first impression of aspect that represent your house to your friends and guests. So, you need to keep your front door well and perfect where regular repair after every 1 year or 6 months is important. The Handy Guy has always been upscale the professionalism and quality with our each repair and installation.

Whether your front door has damaged due to weather or any other causes, here are some principle reasons why you should prioritize the regular front door repair of your house. Continue reading →

Looking for a simple kitchen upgrade?  A tile back splash can create a whole new look!  You can choose from  endless  choices as glass tile, ceramic tile, marble, brick and more!  A backsplash is fairly simple to do, any tile installer can transform your kitchen in a few days.  You can create bold color, beautiful designs, and patterns to give your kitchen or bathroom a mew style!  Today there are limitless new styles with or without tile grout.  Your local tile showroom can order whatever custom tile to create your own custom look!

Old style internals

Do you need a new toilet?  Maybe not!  A running toilet will waste more water than you can imagine and can run your water bill up very quickly!   While replacing a toilet can get expensive, re building one is an economical alternative with like new results!  Most handymen, and any plumber can replace all the internal components in your existing toilet quickly and make it work like new again. Replacing a toilet with a new one may sound simple, but to do it properly involves cleaning the floor, and remove any old caulking so the new toilet shows no evidence of the “footprint” of the old toilet. This takes time and care. Add in the cost of a new toilet, and it can be very costly.

New updated internals

There is another option! You can replace the internal components in your existing toilet. This process involves replacing all components inside your toilet including fill valve flap valve, and all seals and handle mechanism.  In about an hour, it works like new for a fraction of the cost!


Mirrors can add beauty and style to any room!  Large mirrors can sometimes be quite heavy. This is when proper installation is important. Whenever possible, it is recommended to hang large mirrors on studs. However, studs are not always where you want them. But fear not,  there are other methods that work well.  A professional mirror hanger has many options for hanging such as, rails, special drywall anchors and other safe, secure methods.  Most large mirrors, as well as hanging  art items have double hangers which must be measured exactly to hang straight and level.  Some handymen hang art and large mirrors, and know how to hang them properly, and safely.  Whether you are a do it your self er, or need a pro, large mirrors can bring new vision to your home!


It is often that we tend to overlook the complete care of our house fitting and that result in an bad fixture. Many of us do not even give much attention to house lights once it is installed. All in all, it is important to take care your house fixture with regular inspection with small steps such as cleaning every bulbs of house regularly. The Handy Guy has been successfully delivering quality replacement/installation of Light Fixture since years.

There can be may reasons that are prone to early damage of lights in your house but treating them with regular care can make a huge difference for their long span of durability. However, if you have damaged lights in your house, you must have ignored these below 5 reasons: Continue reading →

Living in your home without a garbage disposal is like living in the old century. Garbage Disposals are an important part of every homeowner’s daily life. There are still many homeowners who have not had a chance to experience the benefits that they can get by installing a garbage disposal. Installing disposals in your home make your life quite easy and clean your daily waste in drainage system. A garbage disposal eliminates all the cleaning struggles and make clean up after meals a lot easier and quicker.

If you don’t have a garbage disposal in your home, then it’s the right time to consider investing in one. A garbage disposal is a common appliance that every homeowner should have since these appliances can easily last for over a decade. Consider the below listed five reasons why you should install a garbage disposal in your home.

Here are the five solid reasons to install a garbage disposal: Continue reading →

Hot Water Heater is indispensable and it is important that we learn simple hacks to take care of the minor repairs. The maintenance part and repair part is simple. It gets affected by sediment and rust. It is the major problem in all of them and hot water heater repair is a must so that it lasts long.

Here are five simple tips to repair your water heater.

1. Clean the tank

You need to drain the water and clean the tank at least once in a year but if you do it every six months, it will be more helpful. Draining out the tank will remove most of the sediment, which gets collected at the bottom of the tank. While doing so, make sure that you have switched off the power and removed the plug to save you from flowing electric current. Continue reading →

Are you planning to give your home an attractive makeover, then, pocket door will be one of the best renovations of your house. A gorgeous entrance of your house not only impresses your friends & guests but also are helpful to save your square footage. At The HandyGuy, you experience the efficient pocket door installation with an effective and long term result. Continue reading →

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