Got a running toilet? Save money by rebuilding it!

Got a running toilet? Save money by rebuilding it!

Old style internals

Do you need a new toilet?  Maybe not!  A running toilet will waste more water than you can imagine and can run your water bill up very quickly!   While replacing a toilet can get expensive, re building one is an economical alternative with like new results!  Most handymen, and any plumber can replace all the internal components in your existing toilet quickly and make it work like new again. Replacing a toilet with a new one may sound simple, but to do it properly involves cleaning the floor, and remove any old caulking so the new toilet shows no evidence of the “footprint” of the old toilet. This takes time and care. Add in the cost of a new toilet, and it can be very costly.

New updated internals

There is another option! You can replace the internal components in your existing toilet. This process involves replacing all components inside your toilet including fill valve flap valve, and all seals and handle mechanism.  In about an hour, it works like new for a fraction of the cost!


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