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Are you planning to install a fence around your property or replacing the old one to bolster up your home security? 

While it may look like a simple weekend job that you can do it on your own, it is adviced that you should hire a professionally trained and certified contractor from a credible company like The HandyGuy.

Why are we emphasizing on consulting fencing installation and repair professionals?

Because your limited knowledge on the subject can lead to several mistakes, resulting in spending more on rectifying those blunders than you had planned. Some of the errors that can be avoided by hiring a professional contractor are:

In the pursuit of pitching a few pennies if you plan to contract and place the psst at a distance farther than what it should be, your fence will lose its purpose. Unless it is just for decoration, in which case it doesn’t matter But if your fence is functional in keeping animals or safety, you should get the posts placed at the right distance. 

Make sure that your fencing is not going into your neighbor’s boundary, unintentionally. You should have accurate knowledge of your property because getting fencing uprooted and then installed is more costly than installing it in the first place. Similarly, not carefully determining the location for your gate can also surmount to be an expensive affair, with reinstallation. 

You cannot just randomly start putting fence anywhere. Fencing installation and repair need through research and a design plan to start with the construction. This includes (but is not limited to) review the plot, researching the fencing material, establishing which tools would be suitable to use, understanding zoning laws, homeowners associations guidelines, etc. Why take the burden when all this can be looked upon by The HandyGuy fencing and installation professional?

This is one of the costliest mistakes that homeowners do? Fence installation is considered done right when the measurements are precise, be it of the fencing posts or the material required to build and strengthen the fencing. A The HandyGuy fencing installation and repair professionals will make sure that the gate once installed is done with your needs and adequate measurements so that there is no functionality problem or you don’t face any trouble in the future. 

A fence too low in the ground will make mowing the grass, and another land related job difficult in the future and a fence up to high off the ground will be a gateway for pests. Furthermore, make sure that if you have pets, the fence height should be enough for them not to jump off it and get lost in the wild. 

Corner posts are essential especially during the construction of the fencing posts ass it bears all the pressure. Not having corner posts secured or anchored together might lead to breaking down of the fence under pressure, which is why it is crucial to keep the corner posts grounded, secured and properly braced. 

This is a typical amateur mistake that every negligent homeowner makes while installing a wooden fence. If you put up an untreated wood, the fence will quickly rot in the rainy season, with termites making their home, damaging its structural integrity. Only a fencing professional will know that the wood needs to pressure and sealant treated before using it for fencing. 
You relax and enjoy your weekend and leave woodwork, fence installation and repair in San Marcos to The HandyGuy professionals. They are trained and experienced to work on various types of fence be it wooden or vinyl with the same amount of diligence ensuring quality service at the best market price, for your commercial as well as residential property.

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