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While the bathroom is not the first area that would strike your mind when considering remodelling, you might want to be more careful than you had thought of. 

Because despite it playing second fiddle to your living room, lawn and kitchen, there are many ways with which you can go wrong with your bathroom remodelling in Vista, California. This is why many homeowners prefer consulting a professional installation and repair service to get the result they desire. After all, you can’t affix and scrape-off laminates and tiles every day now, can you? 

To help you make an informed decision, we bring you a list of mistakes that you should avoid when planning to remodel your bathroom:

Unlike other rooms, the bathroom has to deal with moisture more often. This means you can not just invest in the sink, bathtub of the same material as you did in the entire house. You need a mold-resistant non-porous substance, which’  doesn’t go out of shape easily. Similarly, since you will be using a relatively harsher chemical to clean the bathroom, make sure that the materials you are selecting don’t get damaged easily. 


This does not matter to those who are building a bathroom from scratch, but if you are renovating it, we would advise against relocating the fixtures, especially the significant ones like the toilet or the bathtub. Why? Because it’s a time and cost extensive process. Unless it is an absolute necessity, do not relocate the fixtures. 

It is not necessary that every design would be functional. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to keep functionality over style. Would you get a door that can only squeeze you inside when half-open? No, right? Spacing and layout are critical aspects of bathroom remodelling. You might have an idea of how you want your bathroom to be, but only a professional will be able to help you establish the feasability of the same.

All too often, homeowners believe that the bathroom frame is square and they start the renovation on that reference. This assumption leads to crooked tiles along the line of the bathtub and the toilet seat, giving it an unsightly appearance. Although a tedious task, make it a point to measure entire space before you let the contractors get down to work. 

While it is common sense to have ventilation in every bathroom, what people often end up mistaking is- instaling the wrong one. Certain things should be kept into consideration when selecting the right exhaust fan for your bathroom:

While the renovation is a personal choice, there might be certain circumstances wherein you will have to get your bathroom renovated, such as:

Why fret over these blunders when you can hire a professional bathroom remodelling service in Vista, California? 

We at HandyGuy offer quality bathroom remodelling service at a reasonable price. Our team of trained and certified handymen hold significant expertise in bathroom repair and installation, regardless of the scale. Be it bathroom renovation or bathtub installation; we have been successfully dispensing effective home improvement solutions for over a decade to the houses in and around California. 
Get in touch with our representative to discuss a bathroom remodelling estimate.

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