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Shared Plans

The Ultimate power of Teamwork! This plan works by promoting you with similar contractors as a group, rather than individually. It's much more effective and makes it significantly cheaper.

$ 149 /mo.
first 6 months

All Referrals are untapped and can go much higher in the busy months. Traffic will vary with market conditions.

No Contracts!
$ 295 /mo.
first 6 months

All Referrals are untapped and can go much higher in the busy months. Traffic will vary with market conditions.

No Contracts!
$ 349 /mo.
first 6 months

All Referrals are untapped and can go much higher in the busy months. Traffic will vary with market conditions.

No Contracts!
Best Value

Direct Plan

Unlimited Traffic
The most agressive way to get traffic for your company and you can run it simultaneously with a Shared Plan to get maximum results.

More Bang for your Buck!

While most companies spend 10% of their revenue towards promotions, we commonly spend over 80% to aggressively promote your business. Because after all, it’s your hard-earned money!

Access to over 150k customers

Because of our design, and simplicity, we’ve become the fastest growing home improvement platform in California, boasting over a 450% increase in customers since 2020.

Better Value by Cutting Waste

Our job is to keep your phone ringing without the daily hassle of using apps or messaging systems. Being owned and operated by a General Contractor, Handyguy is better equipped to make things easier and more effective for you.

More Optimized Spending

We promote all companies as a group which gives you instant access to BULK discounts you wouldn't normally qualify for on your own.

Highly Effective Targeting

Gets you customers that are more likely to buy your services. That way, you spend less time on the phone, and more time on jobs.

Always-Better Results

Our teams are constantly optimizing promotions to achieve the lowest cost with the highest follow-thru, and they keep getting better every month.

No Tech Skills Required

Focus on running your company and let us do the rest.

  • Free Profile Build is included for all memberships.
  • No Messaging Systems to interfere with your communications.
  • Monthly Traffic Reports emailed at the beginning of each month.
  • Direct Referral Traffic with phone calls and text messages directly from customers.

Here's what our Pros say...

Best Referral Service!

Been using them since 2020 getting paint leads that actually are real leads...Handyguy is the Best Referral Service out there!

Douglas Berg - Dougs Socal Painting

Fantastic Tool!

I like it because it's simple and I don't have to think about it. I havn't signed on in over 3 months, my phone keeps ringing, monthly charts get sent right to my email.

Ryan Ruch - R & R Plumbing

Outstanding Work!

Thank you so much for the outstanding work and referrals. Keep up the great work. You guy's are the BEST!

Amador G. - Shield Electric

Pay-Per-Job Program

After 6 months of membership, you become eligible for our patented Pay-Per-Job Program.

  • Unlimited access to new customers.
  • You pay only when you get the job, No Leads.
  • Change your Monthly Job Limit at any time.
  • Small % Fee - Approx. 10%.
  • Member rates go down.

*Membership required for the Pay-Per-Job Program.

How do we Compare?

Cost per Referral Average




Minimum Monthly Cost




Estimated Monthly Time needed on Platform.

0-5 minutes

12 hours

16 hours

How Fresh are the Referrals?

Under 3 minutes

Under 5 minutes

As old as 6 months

Zero Competition on Direct Referrals

0 Competitors

Up to 15 competitors

Up to 20 competitors

Untapped Traffic


Pay-Per-Job Program

Direct Referrals

Phone App not Required

Single Company Referrals


Average Rating from Contractors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Handyguy was built by licensed contractors that have a better understanding of the home improvement industry. After years of dealing with inefficient systems; involving leads, clicks, and online ads; We built a new system that provides transparency and efficiency in your promotions, and it works way better for both the contractor and the customer.

When you become a Handyguy member, we start by building you a free premium-quality profile that resonates with your brand. You get instant access to high quality customers who prefer the value of Handyguy companies. And you might even get a boost in your SEO since only the best companies are allowed to join Handyguy.

We focus our traffic on high quality avenues because you get a much better response and you don't have to spend as much time on the phone to get jobs. These sources include direct mailers, magazines, out-of-house advertising, word-of-mouth, first-page Google listings, networking, and repeat Handyguy customers. We also get organic traffic from other channels including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Reddit, Redfin, and much more.

Traffic varies depending on your specific industry. For example, a high volume trade like plumbing will get more traffic, whereas a landscaper will get lower traffic but larger jobs. We like to see all our companies do well, but every company is different and has their own specific needs. Our shared plans are intended for contractors with 1-5 employees. But when you start needing more traffic, we can also add on a direct plan that's tailored to you.

The Shared Plan will advertise all contractors in each industry as a group, and the listings will frequently change in order to evenly distribute the traffic. With the Shared Plan, you get the benefit of substantially cheaper Cost-Per-Acquisition(CPA) by using our bulk-rate promotions with strategical placement. The Direct Plan will bypass all other companies and go directly to your profile, and is commonly used with the Shared Plan to get you the best value.

1.) If you have any complaints, make a genuine effort to resolve it.
2.) Try to answer all phone calls. If phone calls are missed, return them in a timely manner (same day, or next day).
3.) Be on-time to jobs, and if you're going to be late, let the customer know, they will appreciate it.
4.) Stay professional. This should be common sense, things like: No offensive language, No trash talk, No fighting, No stealing, No politics, No smoking on the premises, No drugs/alcohol on the job, No offensive/vulgar tattoos. Just the obvious stuff.
5.) Keep up with your customer experience to maintain a good company reputation. This might include calling them a month later and asking them if they're still happy, this is a great way to get repeat customers, and it also helps out with getting reviews.

When you join the Pay-Per-Job Program, your monthly membership cost goes down, and acts like a prepayment for commissions. This allows you to get as many jobs as you want with a simple pay as you go fee structure.

Lets say your monthly membership fee is $250/mo.

If you have Commission fees of $375:

$375 - 250 = $125

Fees owed: $125

If you have Commission fees of $175:

$175 is less than $250, but minimum membership still applies.

Since Membership fee was already paid at the beginning of the month.

Fees owed = $0

If you have Commission fees of $250:

$250 - 250 = $0

Fees Owed: $0

Why does Minimum Membership fee still apply?

The monthly membership fee is still required because we're under specific obligations that allow us to get bulk discounts for all companies and it helps make things cheaper for everyone on the site including you.

How are the fees billed?

Any fees that go above your membership amount will be billed on the following billing month. You have the ability to set your max number of jobs each month, as well as the max amount of fees you're comfortable with. Typically our members opt for the max fees option so they can set their incomes; so if you're looking for $5,000/mo revenue, you'll set your max fees to $500/mo.

What if I don't want to owe fees at the end of the month?

We recommend you have your customer pay through our payment portal as it handles the fees automatically so you don't have to think about it. And you can also limit your number of jobs or maximum amount in fees, but if not paid through the system, they will be itemized and billed the following month.

Handyguy is a home services marketplace that was started by General Contractor/Software Engineer, Nathan Baddon, and Richard Baddon, as a services company to provide a solution to poor work quality at the time. The company quickly grew due to their high quality services and excellent workmanship. They later went on to offering premium referral services only to reputable contractors as a way to combat low-quality leads companies and disperse Handyguy's large influx of traffic. In 2020, Handyguy launched their own product marketplace where consumers can find builder grade products for their homes which was instantly a hit. Today, Handyguy is known for being an online necessity for all consumers who want to find the best quality home services and products, founding what the company calls, the Handyguy Experience.

Any more Questions?

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